Help educate a poor girl by partly reimbursing one year college fees, INR 3750

Aid the ‘Empowering dreams ‘scholarship program for Women and girls from the most marginalised communities. This educational investment plan will help them live in dignity and give them a secure and resilient life ahead of them.
The Basics

• Akshara works in the low-cost housing area of 2 wards in Mumbai.
• Intensive publicity is ensured for the programme, to make sure that all possible candidates are aware of its existence.
• Applications are scanned to select socially disadvantaged girls mainly from single female headed households.
• The candidates are all in the 16-21 age bracket.
• An interview of the candidate is followed by a home visit to ascertain facts and the levels of aspiration and desire for education.
• Assurances are attained from the candidate and the head of her family that she will attend Akshara’s Life Skills Workshops, and not drop out.
• Girls are encouraged to open bank accounts to deposit their grants, to give them sole access and accountability.
• A register of attendance is maintained. Absences are followed up with home visits to ascertain the cause.
• Candidates are evaluated pre and post-program, for the views and shift in understanding
• Most candidates continue every year until they complete their education.

Donation Option Break-up cost in INR
Office costs 250.00
Scholarship 2500.00
Cost of student selection and coordinating workshops 1000.00
Unit Price 3750
Total 3750
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Akshata-then and now
For a girl who would never get out of her house or talk to people in the past, there has been a sea change in the way Akshata lives her life today. When I used to go out earlier my eyes would remain fixed to the ground. I was so scared to look up at people that I had memorized every twist and turn on the roads, says she. This is the same girl that today performs dance shows and street theatre in front of hundreds of strangers. Having performed in Mumbai as part of a dance troupe. She also nurtures her love for theatre and harbours aspirations to become a theatre actor one day. The various forums that were made available to Akshata as part of the scholarship programme, presented her with the opportunity to explore her inherent talent. The personality development workshops simultaneously worked on developing her confidence so that she would believe in herself and make the most of what life was unfolding in front of her.
Once her inherent potential was unleashed her inner fire and drive to excel spurred her onto to eagerly seek out people and opportunities that would help her enhance her skills and knowledge about dance and theatre. When one meets her, it is impossible not to instantaneously recognize the inner strength and resolve that guides her newfound aspirations. This strength is reflected in the fact that Akshata pursues her passion for performing arts not only as a hobby but also as a means of additional income for her family of five members who live in a chawl system in Prabhadevi, Mumbai.
While contributing to the family income is a priority, she does not believe in compromising on her education and has just completed her S.Y.B.Com from Kirti College. What sets her apart from girls of her age is the clarity in her thought process and the ability to follow them through with her actions. What is further impressive about her is her skill of articulating the same with conviction and a self assured calmness. Her father proudly exclaims he has the utmost faith in Akshata. While he supports and encourages her interests in performing arts he is assured by the fact that she continues to remain a diligent and high achieving student. He is confident that once she completes her education, she will choose the career that is right for her and her family and assures her of his support in whatever she chooses to do.

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