Provide six months nutrition kit for a weak HIV infected person/disabled person/old woman, INR 3315

People living with HIV/AIDS face greater challenges in maintaining the required levels of nutrition. Despite developments in medical treatment, nutrition remains a key component in managing this condition. The challenges that people living with HIV/AIDS face can be the result of the viral infection itself or from the effects of anti-HIV therapy. Some of the side effects include fatigue, nausea and poor appetite as a result of impact on how the body absorbs and utilizes nutrients. Also, the nutritional needs of people with HIV/AIDS are greater due to their immune system fighting off opportunistic infections that do not normally cause disease in people with healthy immune systems. Chaithanya Educational and Rural Development Society (CERDS) is an NGO based out of Guntur, in Andhra Pradesh, India. CERDS has been working in the target villages by implementing various comprehensive community development programmes for the last 17 years. As part of its activities, CERDS helps people affected with HIV/AIDS acquire the necessary nutrition.

How It Works

• Beneficiaries are selected through various methods like, compiling lists from the information available at the local primary health centres, village health administration, local volunteers, farmers’ clubs, self-help groups and voluntary applications.
• They have built a strong rapport with all the target communities.
• CERDS has 5-10 committed volunteers for its programmes in every village who are well connected with local health departments.
• Apart of this, CERDS has appointed a number of members of the farmers’ clubs in 65 villages recently to help at in all levels of the programme from identification of the beneficiaries to implementation and monitoring.
• CERDS purchases benefits in bulk for a minimum of 5 beneficiaries and delivers them directly to the beneficiaries at their homes.
• CERDS maintains a separate register for this activity and enter the names of all beneficiaries and benefits that is provided date-wise.
• The beneficiaries may have to go to ART centers to collect their medicines.
• In case of scarcity of medicines at ART Centers, the beneficiaries may have to visit twice or thrice times a month.

The Statistics

• 50+ adults and children have been identified as potential beneficiaries of the programme in 2015-16

Donation Option Break-up cost in INR
6 Kg groundnuts 750.00
9 Kgs Ragi powder 540.00
9 Kgs wheat rava 360.00
9 Kgs Red gram dal 675.00
6 Dozen eggs 330.00
19 Kgs wheat powder 360.00
Admin cost 300.00
Unit Price 3315
Total 3315
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Started another journey with new hopes
Rajeswari, 13years, was born with HIV/AIDS. Her father died 13 years ago because of HIV/AIDS and mother was also infected. Rajeswari and her mother have been living with her grandfather and leading life with their meager income. Because of HIV/AIDS, both have health issues and their immune system is gradually deteriorating.
CERDS identified this family with the support of local volunteers, and as was resolved, it would provide basic nutrition items like Milk powder, Raagi Malt powder, Wheat Ravva, Redgram dal, Eggs tray to them at their home every month for 4 months to resolve their nutrition deficiency and to improve their life span. Andhra Pradesh Aids Control Society (APSACS) with the support of National Aids Control Society (NACO) followed by the Guidelines of WHO provides free medicines to beneficiaries.
Since after taking nutrition food and ART medicines, health condition of both Rajeswari and her mother have improved. Rajeswari is now attending school regularly and is improving her academic skills gradually. Her mother is also able to attend labour work. Thus, the sponsor support helped a vulnerable family to start another journey with new hope.

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