Gift 40 new books to a library in a Government High School by reimbursing costs, INR 1000

Basic Research Education And Development (BREAD) Society has established over 663 libraries across Andhra Pradesh, in Govt. and Aided high schools. The aim is to inculcate a reading habit in school-going children. BREAD now seeks to expand the scope of each library, enabling it to have 15 percent of its books in English, and increasing the overall number of books in each school.

The Basics

• BREAD establishes libraries in govt. and aided high schools throughout Andhra Pradesh. • A teacher in charge is nominated to further train and supervise select students to take charge of the books by issuing them to and receiving them from their classmates.
• BREAD Society honours head masters and teachers responsible for National Means and Merits Scholarship (NMMS) awards. This incentivises them and results in their continuing to mentor the students and monitoring the library work.
• BREAD’s district coordinators visit schools with their libraries on a regular basis to take notes and provide feedback on the scheme to the society.
The Statistics

• 15 percent – the target in percentage for the number of books in English in each library.
• 40 – number of English books aimed for, per library.
• 80 – the number of additional books the NGO wishes to add to each existing library.

Donation Option Break-up cost in INR
40 Additional books to an existing BREAD library 900.00
Packing and forwarding charges 100.00
Unit Price 1000
Total 1000
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Replenish BREAD Children’s Libraries with new titles
Govt. libraries have books but those books did not interest the students because books were purchased several years ago. Selection of books was not appropriate. BREAD Society stepped in and established Children Libraries in govt. schools over the past five years providing them with books of interest to age group children and gradually developed reading habit among underprivileged students who have otherwise no access to such books. In order to sustain their interest we propose to add more books to the already established BREAD Children libraries.
We created interest in reading books through supplying age group related books on various subjects of their interest. They have developed tremendous interest in inculcating reading habit. To sustain that interest we have to add new titles to the existing libraries.
With adding new titles, interest in children will be sustained in continuing the reading habit. This will go a long way in the formative years for weaning them away from TV, Cell phone etc. which are easily available modes of entertainment these days even for poor children.

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