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CORP's vision is to facilitate fully functioning and socially responsible communities. To achieve this vision, CORP provides access to fundamental social services such as education, health care, nutrition and vocational training, enabling communities to pull themselves out of poverty and become self-reliant, independent and socially responsible.
During the reconstruction of Europe in the post Second World War era, Development became an important concept. The aims and objectives of CORP were framed after studying the problems, needs and priorities in the slums, and realistic objectives were put down with the idea of promoting community life, preventing impediments to this and remedying the existing situation. Thirty-eight years ago, CORP was founded on the simple premise with three staff members in one centre for breaking the cycle of poverty in poor families by providing basic tools like education and job training.
Nirmal loves to work in a challenging and motivating environment. He joined CORP in 1991 and he is very satisfied with his decision. Apart from managing the NGO he also runs, with his wife Sharda, one of the three shelter homes, the Sharanam Shelter in Dharavi. Over the years his passion has increased and he managed to reach out to a growing number of beneficiaries who, he states, are the main reason why he loves his job.
Full time staff :6
Part time staff:0
Contract staff :72
Volunteers: 12
Total Receipts for 2016-2017 is INR 26806865
Total Payments for 2016-2017 is INR 28021760
Activities and reach for the latest full Financial Year
Number of persons trained in Vocational Training: 1026
Number of Education Support Serviced: 762
Number of persons trained under Income Generation programme: 168
Number of Families Counselled: 162
Number of Senior Citizens Supported: 300
Number of Health and Social Awareness Camps Serviced: 34
Number of Disabled Children Serviced: 130
Number of Children across Day Care Centres: 1200
Number of Children Housed in Residential Shelter Homes: 85
Number of Children Serviced through Drop - In - Centre for Street: 140
Number of Children served through Community Toy Libraries: 965
Number of persons visited Nutrition Camps: 1500
Self generated ( fees/ subscriptions/ interest/ community contributions/ proceeds from sale of goods or services produced by the organisation etc.)2,300,9072,422,4761,970,154
Donation from Indian individuals through GiveIndia2,478,7502,524,1213,080,948
Other donations from Indian individuals4,673,3222,916,6351,837,862
Donations from foreign individuals through GiveIndia96,238176,08881,938
Other donations from foreign individuals16,431,44815,087,01318,110,811
Grants from Indian sources ( trusts/ govt/ companies/ foundations)826,2001,087,2601,271,480
Grants from International sources ( under FCRA)000
Sale of assets000
Total Receipts26,806,86524,213,59326,390,097
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PAYMENTS (Capital)
Capital items purchased for the organisation, excluding investment ( Fixed Deposits etc.)79,600830,188380,389
Capital items purchased for beneficiaries000
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PAYMENTS (Revenue)
Programme related2016-20172015-20162014-2015
Salaries and benefits12,612,96611,245,4788,791,802
Staff training30,781187,472431,308
Staff travel218,043414,811318,827
Consultant's fees056,00035,000
Office support expenses ( rent/ telephone/ electricty etc.)2,239,8961,867,6042,221,452
Materials procurred ( consummables as seed/ food/ books/ provisions etc.)5,996,0237,374,0165,787,645
Grants/ donations given to other organisations as part of programme000
Depreciation ( to be taken from Income and Expenditure account)000
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Non-programme related2016-20172015-20162014-2015
Salaries and benefits1,001,1981,283,0401,297,438
Staff training0019,794
Staff travel22,94223,50627,303
Office support expenses ( rent/ repairs/ telephone/ electricity etc.)44,550206,498168,974
Communication ( correspondence/ Annual Reports/ brochures/ appeals/ website etc.)000
Consultants' fees ( audit/ legal/ programme )041,32647,585
Depreciation ( to be taken from Income and Expenditure account)000
Other non-programme expenses361,739397,996440,829
Total Payments28,021,76030,005,01325,804,179
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 Registration Details
Sr. Type of Registration
1 Trust [No.F-4582 ]
2 Society [No.Bom-338/77]
3 PAN Number:AAATC1150F
4 12-A [No.TR/12466]
5 80G [No.DIT (E)/MC/80G/1292/2009-10]
6 FCRA [No.083780064]
7 35AC [No.]
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 P J Raichura & Co
 71/72, Ashok Chambers, Devji Ratanshi Marg, Masjid Bunder (East), Mumbai - 400009
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 Staff Remuneration (INR)
Gross salary plus benefits paid to staff (in INR) p.m. Male Female Total
 less than 5,00001616
 5,000 – 10,00014546
 10,000 – 25,00041620
 25,000 – 50,000044
 50,000 – 1,00,000101
 Greater than 1,00,000000
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Total annual payments consultants (in INR)Number of consultants
 less than 5,0000
 5,000 – 10,0000
 10,000 – 25,0000
 25,000 – 50,0000
 50,000 – 1,00,0001
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 Staff Remuneration (p.a.)
1 Highest Paid: INR 797880
2 Lowest Paid: INR 48000
3 Head of the Organisation: INR 797880
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 Board Expenses
Sr. Detail Amount(INR)
1 International travel0
2 Domestic travel5048
3 Local conveyance19556
4 Entertainment expenses0
5 Other0
  Total 24604
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Annual Report & Audited Financials
1Annual report not available.
2Audited Financial Report not available.
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Board Members
SI.Name (Age)Gender, Position, Gross Remuneration, Relation to other members
1 Nirmal Chandappa
 Male, Director/Secretary, INR 797,880.00,
2 Margaret Jagtap
 Female, Member, INR 0.00,
3 Tenison Peter
 Male, Member, INR 0.00,
4 Joseph Massey
 Male, Member, INR 0.00,
5 Shweta Tribhuvan
 Female, Member, INR 0.00,
6 Elizabeth Shiromani
 Female, Treasurer, INR 0.00,
7 S. G. Suryawanshi
 Male, Member, INR 0.00,
8 James V. Kumar
 Male, Vice Chairman , INR 0.00,
9 Dr. B. Anantha Rao
 Male, Member, INR 0.00,
10 Bishop Dr. Anilkumar Servand
 Male, Chairman, INR 0.00,
11 Prema Rajasingh
 Female, Member, INR 0.00,
12 Sulochana Retnamony
 Female, Member, INR 0.00,
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Board Members Background
1 Nirmal Chandappa Social Worker. Director/Secretary Nirmal has been working for the last 23 years and oversees the working of CORP
2 Margaret Jagtap Nutritionist at Central Railway Hospital
3 Tenison Peter Member of Bombay Regional Conference. Minister serving in Methodist.
4 Joseph Massey  Finance and Law Business
5 Shweta Tribhuvan  She worked for 23 years in M.C.G.M. Now, she is Teachers Educator at British Council working on school excellence programme
6 Elizabeth Shiromani  Educator at St. Mary's School, Mazgaon
7 S. G. Suryawanshi Member of Bombay Regional Conference. Minister serving in Methodist.
8 James V. Kumar Member of Bombay Regional Conference. Minister serving in Methodist.
9 Dr. B. Anantha Rao Medical Practitioner, Doctor M.B.B.S, Physician, Surgeon at Goregaon
10 Bishop Dr. Anilkumar Servand Head, Bombay Regional Conference. Serving in Methodist.
11 Prema Rajasingh  Service – Bharat Petroleum
12 Sulochana Retnamony Health and Medical Nursing Administrator at Tata Hospital
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Board Resolution
SubjectsBoard Meeting/Annual General Body Meeting DateNo. of members presentStrength of the board at the time of this meeting
Budget for the year 2016-201718/03/20171212
Programmes/ Projects for the year 2016-201718/03/20171212
Annual Report for the year 2015-201631/10/20171012
Financial Audit Report for the year 2015-201631/10/20171012
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Staff International Travel
No member of this organisation has undergone foreign travel in recent years.
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 Tejal Shivaji
Tejal Shivaji is 3 years old. She is the youngest among three children. Her father was an alcoholic who spent all his earnings on drinks and did not take care of his family. Tejal’s mother had to take care of the children and also worked as a domestic helper. Unfortunately adding to the misery, Tejal’s father fell from the building and died. It was a herculean task for the mother to take care of the household expenses and three children with her meager income. There was no one else to support them. The children were neglected and malnourished. When the mother heard about CORP, she approached our centre. Upon hearing her sad story the staff admitted all three children. Tejal was only 1.5 years old when she joined the centre. She was the one who was most affected. Her hair was red from severe malnutrition and was very skinny. Tejal along with her siblings received love, care and nourishment from the staff. She also benefitted from good medical care from the doctors who visited the children regularly. She is now very happy and healthy. Her mother can confidently leave her children in safe environment and got to work

You can communicate with Community Outreach Programme (CORP) at
Nirmal Chandappa
Methodist Centre,1ST Floor, 21, YMCA Road, Mumbai Central,-
Mumbai - 400008,India

Or you can reach Community Outreach Programme (CORP) here
Phone : 91 22 23086789, 91 9167723589
Fax : 91 22 23073406
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