Ritham Special School for the Mentally Challenged Children

location: RajapalayamTamil Nadu

Donation Option Amount INR Actions
Gift health by giving uniform, bag and hygiene kit to two poor students with intellectual disabilities
For all donors | tax benefit: 50% | more
Sponsor 1 month anti epileptic medicines for 4 - 5 challenged children of our rural locality
For all donors | tax benefit: 50% | more
Contribute to a fund for our Out Patient Department to treat mentally challenged children
For all donors | tax benefit: 50% | more
Sponsor 1 month special education for a poor mentally challenged child of our special school
For all donors | tax benefit: 50% | more
General Fund
For all donors | tax benefit: 50% | more
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Develop confidence in the minds of all type of disabled children and motivating them to face the daily activities without others help.
In 2004 the founder came across P.David, an MR-CP child. David was really good in memorizing subjects but couldn't relate to the words he read. The founder looked at his positive ability and wanted to train him. In this process, he ended up opening the Ritham Special School, which today caters to many such children.
The Founder Mr.P.S.Kathiresan is a retired headmaster from Tamil Nadu govt. service, who was once awarded the Best Teacher award by both the Central and Tamil Nadu state governments.
Full time staff :18
Part time staff:0
Contract staff :0
Volunteers: 4
Total Receipts for 2016-2017 is INR 3066275
Total Payments for 2016-2017 is INR 2946220
Activities and reach for the latest full Financial Year
Number of students enrolled last academic year: 29
Number of students enrolled last academic year: 64
Number of students enrolled last academic year: 28
Number of students enrolled last academic year: 11
Number of students enrolled last academic year: 25
Rewards & Recognition
In 2012, K.Venkataramanan was awarded the BEST ACHIEVER AWARD by the ROTARY CLUB Social work
In 2016, Ritham Charitable Trust was awarded the Transparency Award- Intermediate Level by the Guide Star India Accounts
Self generated ( fees/ subscriptions/ interest/ community contributions/ proceeds from sale of goods or services produced by the organisation etc.)770,4790573,301
Donation from Indian individuals through GiveIndia889,619940,3151,210,284
Other donations from Indian individuals545,345541,327382,150
Donations from foreign individuals through GiveIndia50,22458,47948,913
Other donations from foreign individuals37,00000
Grants from Indian sources ( trusts/ govt/ companies/ foundations)611,600270,000420,060
Grants from International sources ( under FCRA)0015,427
Sale of assets0110,0000
Total Receipts3,066,2752,778,5243,448,808
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PAYMENTS (Capital)
Capital items purchased for the organisation, excluding investment ( Fixed Deposits etc.)000
Capital items purchased for beneficiaries000
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PAYMENTS (Revenue)
Programme related2016-20172015-20162014-2015
Salaries and benefits974,570848,736523,866
Staff training18,03200
Staff travel007,234
Consultant's fees1,1181,961170
Office support expenses ( rent/ telephone/ electricty etc.)124,90466,540133,021
Materials procurred ( consummables as seed/ food/ books/ provisions etc.)000
Grants/ donations given to other organisations as part of programme000
Depreciation ( to be taken from Income and Expenditure account)133,910157,54298,091
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Non-programme related2016-20172015-20162014-2015
Salaries and benefits000
Staff training000
Staff travel000
Office support expenses ( rent/ repairs/ telephone/ electricity etc.)000
Communication ( correspondence/ Annual Reports/ brochures/ appeals/ website etc.)000
Consultants' fees ( audit/ legal/ programme )000
Depreciation ( to be taken from Income and Expenditure account)000
Other non-programme expenses000
Total Payments2,946,2203,037,5953,079,326
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 Registration Details
Sr. Type of Registration
1 Trust [No.200500019]
2 PAN Number:AAATR9343P
3 12-A [No.C.NO.101/56/CIT-11/2007-08]
4 80G [No.C.NO.101/56/CIT-II/2007-08/80G]
5 FCRA [No.7611051]
6 35AC [No.]
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 R.Sureshkumar, chartered accountant
 284/2, Pannayar Street
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 Staff Remuneration (INR)
Gross salary plus benefits paid to staff (in INR) p.m. Male Female Total
 less than 5,000077
 5,000 – 10,0003811
 10,000 – 25,000000
 25,000 – 50,000000
 50,000 – 1,00,000000
 Greater than 1,00,000000
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Total annual payments consultants (in INR)Number of consultants
 less than 5,0000
 5,000 – 10,0000
 10,000 – 25,0000
 25,000 – 50,0000
 50,000 – 1,00,0000
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 Staff Remuneration (p.a.)
1 Highest Paid: INR 120000
2 Lowest Paid: INR 48300
3 Head of the Organisation: INR 120000
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 Board Expenses
Sr. Detail Amount(INR)
1 International travel0
2 Domestic travel0
3 Local conveyance0
4 Entertainment expenses0
5 Other0
  Total 0
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Annual Report & Audited Financials
1Annual report not available.
2Audited Financial Report not available.
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Board Members
SI.Name (Age)Gender, Position, Gross Remuneration, Relation to other members
1 A. Ganapathy
 Male, Trustee, INR 0.00,
2 R. Kodiappan
 Male, Trustee, INR 0.00,
3 G. Paulraj
 Male, Secretary, INR 0.00,
4 A. Ilankumaran
 Male, Trustee, INR 0.00,
5 S. Raguraman
 Male, Trustee, INR 0.00,
6 N. Perumalsamy
 Male, Trustee, INR 0.00,
7 M. Gowthaman
 Male, Trustee, INR 0.00,
8 P.S. Kathiresan
 Male, Managing Trustee, INR 0.00,
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Board Members Background
1 A. Ganapathy He is a retired Drawing Master.
2 R. Kodiappan He is a Secondary Grade Teacher.
3 G. Paulraj He is a retired Marketing Supervisor in TANCEM(Tamil Nadu Cements)
4 A. Ilankumaran He is a Business man.
5 S. Raguraman He is an Agriculturalist.
6 N. Perumalsamy He is a retired P.E.T. (Physical Education Trainer).
7 M. Gowthaman He is an Agricultural officer.
8 P.S. Kathiresan He is a Retired DEO, who was honored by State and Central Governments as the best Teacher.
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Board Resolution
SubjectsBoard Meeting/Annual General Body Meeting DateNo. of members presentStrength of the board at the time of this meeting
Budget for the year 2016-201725/03/201788
Programmes/ Projects for the year 2016-201725/03/201788
Annual Report for the year 2015-201626/08/201788
Financial Audit Report for the year 2015-201626/08/201788
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Staff International Travel
No member of this organisation has undergone foreign travel in recent years.
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 Special Education to poor disabled Students
T Muthukumar is a mentally disabled child aged 12 years living at home all the day alone. His parents go for daily wages and leave him tied to a pillar at home. He ate and did every natural call in the same place till the parents return from their work. We were so sad to meet him like this. We have educated and convinced his parents to send him to our RITHAM special school. Now T Muthukumar is taking special education at our RITHAM Special School. He has improved in daily living skills like eating by self & using toilets. He was given speech therapy to speak and express his needs. Now he is speaking short sentences. He has also been given behavior modification therapy to calm his mind. Now he is able to sit in one place and attending the classes without disturbing others.
 Drugs for epilepsy affected CP & MR students
Our student, I.Muniaraj, aged 16 years, has frequent fits. He takes the anti-epileptic drugs irregularly. Due to this he gets frequent fits. Basically fits affected person requires regular in-taking of anti-epileptic drugs. Failing which leads to severe impact in memory loss. We have initiated these drugs program earlier and supplied drugs freely but due to discontinuation of donors for medicine programme we were forced to stop this program. We would like to restart this program to reduce the parent’s burden and let the students come to the school regularly.
 Free transportation for poor mentally retarded Children
K.Pooissaki is a mentally disabled child aged 11 years living at home all the day alone. His daily wage earning parents’ used to go to work by leaving him alone at home. He ate and did every natural call in the same place till the parents return from their work. At times he goes out of home to the nearby irrigation tank to play and sometimes he was immersed in the water. Fortunately all the times he was rescued by the on goers. Though it happened many times their parents were helpless to take him to the work place and leaving him at home only. We were so sad to meet him like this. As he is living away from our school and there was no one to accompany him in the public transport to reach our school. We have decided to include him in the Free Rural transport scheme. He now been picked and dropped at his door steps. Thus the way we can transport students SAFELY to and back from school WITHOUT parent’s intervention. He has been given special education and made him know the dangers in playing the tank area. Now a days he is not going to that irrigation tank area to play.
 Health and hygiene kit that is useful
M. Kathiravan was a mild mentally challenged student. He initially studied in regular school but in the higher standard, he found it difficult to cope with the studies. The teachers from that school recommended our school. We look at his ability about interest in reciting poetry. Last year annual day programme he told a kavithai. The Chief gusts, Public, Student, Parents, Well wishers and donors all are appreciated and encouraged him. Their parents are also very happy. We are giving more importance to his academic studies.
 Help for David
Our Out patient therapy identifies the disability and gives awareness about the disability and prevents the contractures at very early stages and also prepares pre-academic skills. P.David Samraj was studied in a regular school since Grade 1 where his academics were poor and physically he could not walk more than 10 steps at a stretch. We found he is a CP + MR kid and requires special education and physical therapy. Initially we gave physical therapy to avoid deformity. Now after continuous physical therapy of 2 years, he can walk independently and even do cycling. We also gave special education to improve his reading, writing and mathematics skills. Now after 2years of intensive physical therapy and special education he is moved into mainstream normal education. We see the kids as people with rights, who must be extended the facilities available to other kids. Whatever talent they have must be given a chance to blossom. We felt so happy that this kid achieved this level.

You can communicate with Ritham Special School for the Mentally Challenged Children at
P S Kathiresan
16B,Thamba Pillai Street-
Rajapalayam - 626117,India

Or you can reach Ritham Special School for the Mentally Challenged Children here
Phone : 91 4563 226040
Fax :
E-mail : rithamschool@yahoo.co.in
Website: http://www.rithamschool.org


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