Support Vidyodaya - An Education Innovation of Tribals

Support Vidyodaya - An Education Innovation of Tribals


Creator: TONY JOSE | NGO:Viswa Bharati Vidyodaya Trust

Would you like to be part of educating children who might hold the key to our survival?
Tribal people have traditionally lived in harmony with nature, as egalitarian communities, sharing resources without hierarchies and inequalities, leading a free, active and healthy life. In their lifestyle and culture, we can find prescriptions and solutions for many of the challenges of the modern world.
However they are being increasingly disadvantaged due to lack of access to forests; and exploitation, discrimination and marginalisation in their interaction with the rest of society. Many struggle to cope with the fast changing world due to lack of formal education or training. The tribal people we work with (also known as adivasis) include those recognized by the Government as particularly vulnerable.
Viswa Bharati Vidyodaya Trust (Vidyodaya) has been supporting tribal children in the Gudalur valley of the Nilgiris to overcome these disadvantages and lead a self-reliant life through holistic education. 
For more than 20 years Vidyodaya has been enabling tribal children and young people to pursue education through multiple support systems:
  - A primary school modelled on an alternative pedagogy
  - Village Education Workers (who, amongst other things, inspire children to join schools and attend on a regular basis)
  - Village libraries, camps, study centres and weekend tuition centres to support children attending Government schools
  - A residential centre for school dropout children set up in partnership with the Government of India’s SSA programme
  - Teacher training programme to prepare future teachers and community leaders

During the last decade, with the support of many people like you, these systems have brought in tremendous change. 285 out of 326 villages have been covered by Village Education Workers. 3035 (100%) children are now enrolled in school (including 40 in college). Over 50% have actually completed high school.
"A certain self-belief and confidence has grown among the children after going to school", says a tribal woman.
Vidyodaya is now in need of financial support to continue to run these systems, expand them further, embrace appropriate technology and ensure all children complete their education. Without this support, we risk losing out decades of hard work and leaving the tribals vulnerable.
Through GiveIndia, you can join us and help further the cause of tribal children enabling them to stand on their own two feet and make a decisive contribution not just to their own community, but also to wider society.
Contributing through this website is simple and totally secure. You will receive receipt and tax benefits for your deduction in India. 
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VBVT's overall aim of ensuring that every child completes schooling can be achieved through this two-pronged approach of starting the educational process early in life and providing spaces in which those who have dropped out can rejoin classroom learning.

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