Feed two HIV infected orphan children at our shelter home, INR 650


MGVS raised fund and with the help of raised fund it provided services to the beneficiary like traveling support, nutrients support and medical support to the needy child.

The Basics

Description of the programme. During the implementation of our reproductive & child health, HIV /AIDS targeted intervention and Pediatrics AIDS initiative Project we have identified and worked with 780 HIV positive children from 100 villages of Aurangabad districts. These are registered and receiving Anti-Retroviral Therapy (ART). 45 to 50 percent of these children are orphans while others are single or foster parented. The condition of these children is exceedingly pathetic. They are without care and support. Relatives are not ready to keep these children in their homes. Traveling to the ART centers every month is also a big predicament, as villages do not have road access. Also the travel costs are high as the villages are at least 70 to 80 kilometers from the ART center. Sometimes due to the rigid ART Clinic timings, they have to stay overnight which they cannot afford. Therefore the ART treatment tends to get neglected. This irregularity leads to complications in treatment. The children feel insecure and neglected and fall prey to infection and weakness, which ultimately leads to premature mortality. To help stem this problem MGVS decided to provide permanent residential care and support to these HIV positive orphaned children.

How It Works

• The beneficiaries are minor therefore they don’t approach our organisation; instead we approach to the beneficiaries. The paid staff of MGVS and the volunteers of MGVS help us in identifying the beneficiary. The staff and the volunteer had good understanding with the local village stake holders from where we get the lead and on the basis of the lead MGVS staff approach the beneficiary and provided the needed help to them.
• MGVS has a system by which we collect the information of the beneficiary and monitor the benefit provided to the beneficiary so that there is no leakage in the benefit provided to the beneficiary. Our staff and volunteers get the detail of the beneficiary from the doctors and relatives of the child and from the school related to the education status of the child.
• There are some track records of the child from which we came to know about the actual status of the child. They are such as line list, CD4 report, doctor report on health status and school progress report, and this all help us in knowing the actual progress of the child.

Donation Option Break-up cost in INR
Food for children 500.00
Salary of cook 150.00
Unit Price 650
Total 650
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The born fighter
Master. Aditya is semi orphan child. His mother has expired few years back, his father is alive but he is very careless person. Aditya belongs to very poor family. He has never got love and care of his father. He has never got any kind of basic things required for living, even getting two times meal was a luxury item for him. Sunil, father of Aditya has left him because of which Aditya was living with maternal uncle Mr. Ramdas. Three years back Mr. Ramdas has admitted Aditya at MGVS shelter home.
Aditya overall health status is good except some mental problem which he experience from time to time. Aditya doesn’t have any other physical problem. His overall growth is also good, his present weight is 30 kg and his height is 144 cm. his study is also improving at present he is studying in 7th grade.
MGVS has admitted this child at its shelter home for giving home care. The child was admitted at school, previously he used to bunk his school but now he regularly attend the class and actively participates in the class. Due to his health condition he is supported with medical facility and quality nutrition food so that his health can improve. He is given two time meal and bedding facility at the shelter home.

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