Provide arts, crafts and sports materials for students in a class in a Govt. school Bihar, INR 3800

Anandshala is an approach that ensures that every child stays, engages and learns in schools by fostering positive relationships between school, parents and children

The Basics

• The program is being implemented in collaboration with the Bihar Education Project Council in 1000 schools across Samastipur district of Bihar
• The program is being implemented in a more focused manner in 6 blocks, 300 schools and then scaled up in the remaining 700 schools and 14 blocks
• 4,00,000 children from Grades 5 to 8 in 1000 schools are impacted by engaging 4000 teachers, 1000 headmasters and 200 education functionaries
• Anandshala Resource Centres (ARCs) are set up in few school locations at to achieve the objective of Anandshala
• The curriculum is designed to equip children with 21st century skills like critical thinking, collaboration, leadership and communication
• The programme is conducted through the medium of arts, crafts and sports
• QUEST also wants to create a well-functioning support system for teachers and parents as partners in the child’s learning process
• QUEST selects and train education functionaries who in turn train and provide regular support to teachers and headmasters on the Anandshala approach
• Additional support is provided through experiential workshops, onsite support, an interactive telephone helpline and toolkits
• ARCs create scope for cross learning among teachers to be able to share, adopt different teaching methodologies

Donation Option Break-up cost in INR
Arts and Craft Materials per grade 3100.00
Sports Materials per grade 700.00
Unit Price 3800
Total 3800
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Chhotu Turns Over A New Leaf
Chhotu is a student at UMS Tirapurvi in Samastipur, Bihar. His father runs a small bike repairing shop right next to his school where Chhotu used to spend most of his time. Though both his parents are illiterate, they were very keen to get good education for their son. But Chhotu hardly attended school. When the Anandshala program started in his school, his attendance, behavior, class performance and work obligation were evaluated and his low attendance, behavior in class and the time he spent at the shop his father ran put him in the focus child category. It was clear that he was at risk of dropping out.
Chhotu took a few more days to convince himself to come join the group but then there was no looking back. Initially he would come in just to attend the sports sessions but as he continued, he built a good relationship with his classmates and teachers. As a part of the Anandshala program, he was encouraged to participate in other enrichment activities that include arts, crafts and body movement. The team realized that Chhotu has a flair for arts and crafts. He enjoyed drawing and painting and soon he was experimenting with different mediums. His confidence in himself further improved when he got a platform to showcase his talent at the parent teacher meeting conducted for people from his community. He was further given an opportunity to talk about his work and experience to an external group who had come to engage with the program.
The teacher started monitoring his case closely to identify the reasons and solutions for the absenteeism. His father, informed the team that he along his family have been making consistent efforts to get him to attend school, but Chhotu is completely disinterested and sees no value in attending classes. His father said, I have visited the school in past and spoken to his teachers about it. But nothing that we did helped to get him to school. Chhotu would sit in the shop and look at his classmates playing every day. Noticing his interest in the games, an Anandshala team member asked him to come join the group and then it was left for him to decide.

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