Rehabilitate a physically disabled under-privileged child through much needed Surgery, INR 12000


Delhi Council for Child Welfare - DCCW’s Orthopaedic Centre in Janakpuri, West Delhi, provides a complete range of rehabilitation services to physically disabled children from poor families, especially those affected by Polio. The services include surgery, physiotherapy, fitment of aids and appliances and vocational training. These services are available under one roof and are virtually free for the children.

How It Works

• OPD is held twice a week at the centre.
• Further, outreach camps are held in villages around Delhi, and from here too children are referred for physiotherapy, or called to the Orthopeadic Centre for surgery.
• Some are given wheelchairs/walkers or orthotic aids as appropriate, to facilitate their mobility. The orthotic aids are manufactured at DCCW s own workshop at the Orthopaedic Centre.
• In 2011-12, surgeries were performed on several disabled children at the Orthopaedic Centre.
• The surgeries performed include minor, major and specialized ones, in single or multiple stages.
• Children requiring surgery are admitted into the wards for pre-surgery tests and for post-operative recovery and follow-up treatment, including physiotherapy and occupational therapy and counselling.
• Surgeons conduct regular rounds of the wards to monitor the recuperation of these patients.
• This donation will be used for such a surgery.
• When funds are short, DCCW reduces the number of surgeries that they carry out in the year.
• They have a list of patients waiting for surgeries at any given point of time. So if additional funds are brought, they can increase the number of surgeries.


• 40 to 45 – Number of surgeries that are performed in a month, at the centre
• 50 – Number of surgeries that can be performed in a month, at the centre
• 476 – Number of disabled children on whom surgeries were performed in the years 2011-2012
• 2,500 – Number of disabled children who attend OPD sessions at the centre
• 9,000 – Number of surgeries that have been performed till date, at the centre
• 25,000 – Number of disabled children for whom fitment aids have been provided

Donation Option Break-up cost in INR
Stay, including food, medicines, tools, and joints 1500.00
Doctor fees per surgery 1000.00
Pre-op and post-op care at our ward (including lab tests and ambulance expenses 1000.00
Salaries of resident medical officer, nursing staff, physiotherapist etc 8000.00
Infrastructure and Admin costs 500.00
Unit Price 12000
Total 12000
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Sunil – Spreading his wings
Sunil, a polio affected child, came to the Orthopedic Centre when he was 7 years old in 1997 for treatment and correction of deformity in his lower limb. He could not walk on his own due to the severe orthopedic disability. His father is employed in a factory as a helper on a monthly salary of Rupees 6000/-. The family comprises of his grandparents, parents and a younger school-going sister.
Sunil underwent corrective as well as specialized ring fixator surgery in multiple stages. Post-surgery he underwent intensive physiotherapy and mobility training in calipers at our Orthopaedic Centre. In a couple of months Sunil was able to walk on his own.
After his treatment, he went back to school to as he was eager to avoid delays in his education.. Seeing his excellent school performance and teachers appreciative feedback, he was put on the DCCW Educational Sponsorship programme till the 12th standard. Sunil is now doing Mathematics (Honours) from the prestigious St. Stephen's College (Delhi University) and wants to go in for higher studies after graduating. Even at Stephen’s, a DCCW well-wisher is sponsoring his fees.

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