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The Jai Vakeel School, Kanhe was started in the year 1998 to provide special education and other related services to children with ID in Mawal Taluka of Pune district.

How It Works

• The students are divided into multiple groups viz. Primary Basic & Advance, Prevocational and Vocational groups.
• At present, majority of the students are in the Primary Basic and Pre Vocational group.
• Detailed surveys are carried out at regular intervals in the Mawal Taluka of Pune district to identify children with ID.
• Most of the school students were identified during these surveys.
• An assessment is carried out leading to diagnosis and identification of the degree of ID.
• A therapeutic and educational programme is worked out for each child based on the assessment reports.
• Depending on the I.Q. and age of the child, individualized education programme and placement in the following groups is done.
a. Primary Basic Group: This group is trained for ADL viz. eating, dressing and toilet training. Students in need are provided physiotherapy. Slightly older students are taught functional academics like reading, writing, clock & calendar reading, transacting in money etc. The training programme includes development of self-help skills, domestic skills, independent living skills and kitchen activity.
b. Primary Advance Group: These students are provided similar training as the primary group but based on more advanced curriculum.
c. Pre-vocational intermediate group: The students in this group are taught vocational activities along with functional academics. The activities include preparing greeting cards, fancy items, screen printing, painting pots, making Diwali lanterns, gift bags, gardening, farming, kitchen activities, knitting etc.
• Extra-curricular activities: Recreational or extra-curricular activities help in overall development of the child. These children are taught art, dance, drama, yoga and sports.
• Therapeutic intervention: Physiotherapy services are currently being provided to a few students. Animal assisted therapy is also given.
• The school maintains a record of each and every student.
• This record includes medical, therapeutic and educational progress of the student.
• Each student is assessed annually.
• Quarterly assessments are also done to monitor the progress.


• 4 – Number of groups into which the students are divided
• 6-8 yrs. – Age-group of children in the Primary Basic Group
• 8-10 yrs. – Age-group of children in the Primary Basic Group who are also taught functional academics
• 10-16 yrs. – Age-group of children in the Primary Advance Group
• 12 – Number of children who are being provided physiotherapy services
• 14-18 yrs. – Age-group of children in the Pre-vocational Intermediate Group
• 17 – Number of years since the school came into existence

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Success Story of a Student from our Special School in Talegaon
Sanskar Mali was a profoundly challenged child unable to stand without support, no speech, unable to hold objects in hand and fully dependent for his activities of daily life.
He was brought to Jai Vakeel School- rural branch for assessment and intervention and was admitted in the school in June 2013. He was admitted for physiotherapy and oromotor stimulation exercises. Parents were given home bound program to follow up. He was admitted in special class as he is profoundly challenged.
Today Sanskar is able to walk 4-5 steps independently. His drooling has reasonably reduced. He is able to sit for 2 hours and attend the classroom session.

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