Provide fuel-efficient & environment friendly household Sarala cooking stoves to 5 needy rural households, INR 5250

TIDE is a not for profit society registered in May 1993 under the Karnataka Societies Registration Act. It is an organisation devoted to promoting sustainable development through technological interventions. TIDE's concept of development is one that meets the needs of the neediest, is in harmony with the environment, permits grass root participation, uses local materials and builds local capacity. TIDE runs the Smokeless village program for on-site construction of fuel efficient, smokeless Sarala stoves. The Sarala stove is a single /two / three pan wood or biomass burning stove. Prof. K S Jagadish (Retired Professor, Civil Engineering) at the Indian Institute of Science originally developed it. This is a mud stove with chimney. A few steel/cast iron components like grate, fuel feeding guiding frame, support rods are used for the reinforcement of the mud stove and for long life. A cement or GI pipe expels smoke from the kitchen. Its heat utilization efficiency ranges from 22 -25% depending on size of vessels and usage. Women report that the sarala stove saves 30% fuel, 25% cooking time and is completely smokeless and safe. USP of Sarala stove: More fuel-efficient compared to traditional stove – hence cost saving for the user. Smokeless – Reduces Indoor Air Pollution (IAP) and harmful health impacts on the family Less cooking time – frees time for the women Women trained by TIDE have built about 20,000 stoves in Karnataka. As the initiative is becoming popular, women stove builders from Karnataka have travelled to other parts of India (more than 1000 kms from their homes) in Uttarakhand and Orissa to train other women in building stoves. One illiterate stove builder Ms. LalitaBai, was awarded the “Woman Exemplar Award” by the Confederation of Indian Industry. Another stove builder Ms. Katyayini has been invited to talk about her enterprise in the Central University of Karnataka at Gulbarga. TIDE has trained more than 2000 rural women in smokeless stove construction, converted 10 villages in to smokeless village and facilitated more than 25000 rural homes to go smoke free. The stoves consume less fuel, are smoke free and reduce cooking time. The money saved helps the family to spend it for better causes like education of the children. The time gained helps the women to do what she pleases – either for income generating work or spending with children. Sarala stoves prevent Indoor Air Pollution (IAP) which is responsible for close to 4 million deaths worldwide as per WHO estimates. The number is about 500,000 for India.

Donation Option Break-up cost in INR
Cost of ACC pipes, cast iron grates and fuel feeding frames 2500.00
Mud/Soil, Sand Red tiles 4 pieces and 25 Bricks 750.00
Labour charges for woman stove builders 750.00
Material movement, coordination, monitoring, admin 1250.00
Unit Price 5250
Total 5250
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Brighter Kitchen – Happier Women
Mrs A of Kollihatti village has used traditional 3 stone stove for cooking as has generations before her. Her one room house is black, full of smoke forcing her husband and family to be in fould mood when she is cooking. Moreover, they all suffer from bouts of cough and other respiratory diseases.
Taking an organic approach to the multifaceted issue of cook stoves, TIDE trains rural women in construction of Sarala stoves. Thus it also provides livelihoods and builds the capacity of rural communities to address the IAP and other issues. TIDE identified this family as a beneficiary for Sarala stove and facilitated construction of the stove in their house as part of our Smokeless village program. The family had to only provide mud and assistance during construction. Another rural women, a trained stove builder came to her house and built the stove, and taught how to use and maintain it.
The family today sits in a freshly painted house with no soot. The husband is smiling as are the children while the lady cooks using the Sarala stove. All the smoke escapes through the chimney and the cooking is done in less than half the time she used to take before. She then relaxes with her children. The husband is very happy that her fuel expenses have come down by one third. For the stove builder Ms. Kathyanini, this is another feather in her cap, where she has influenced another rural family to prosper economically and socially. Through this skill given to her by TIDE, she earns between Rs 750 to 1000 per day in stove construction and trains other women too! She has become a successful stove entrepreneur cum master trainer.

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