Reimburse a fund that helps educate poor children in rural Chhattisgarh, INR 5000

Saathi Round Table Gurukul School, is a co-educational school situated in Kumharpara village of Kondagaon district in Chhattisgarh state. The school is registered with the District Education Officer, department of Education, Government of Chhattisgarh. Approximately 300 children study at the school from Grades Nursery to 8. All the children who study at the school come from Kumharpara or villages within a radius of about 15 kilometres of the school. Most students belong to farmers of traditional crafts people or subsistence farmers. The school provides van facilities for its students to commute to school. Students are charged fees towards tuition, uniform, books and van facilities. Under this program, Akanksha Public Charitable Trust has undertaken the responsibility of supporting the families of 50 children whose family incomes fall below the poverty line by paying for their school fees while they study at Saathi Round Table Gurukul School and thereafter at any other school or college at which they study. This is to ensure that such students do not drop out of the formal education system merely because their families are not in a position to bear the financial costs of their formal education. The above support is given by paying the school fees (and later the college fees) of the respective students directly to their school in advance at the beginning of the academic year and in the middle of the academic year in two instalments. The management of Saathi Round Table Gurukul School identifies beneficiaries. The school provides comprehensive information in the form of a data sheet along with photocopies of relevant documents such as the ration card, voter ID cards, AADHAAR cards of the student and her / his parents and a photograph of the student. The data sheet contains the details of the student such as name, age, date of birth, place of birth, residential address, names of both parents, their respective occupations and income, property and assets owned by the family, caste and classification as per government guidelines, and telephone numbers, if any. This information is usually provided in the first month of the academic year – usually July. Thereafter, personal meetings are held with each student and her/his parents on an appointed date to verify the particulars given in the data sheet and the supporting documents and to examine the authenticity of the photocopies of the documents by examining the originals. Once the particulars of the students have been verified, fee bills are obtained for eligible students from Saathi Round Table Gurukul School for the entire academic year. Thereafter the said fees are paid in advance for the eligible students (in two installments - one at the beginning at the academic year and one in the middle of the year). At the end of the academic year, a progress report of the student’s work at school is obtained directly from Saathi Round Table Gurukul School for the students who have been sponsored under this program. A written confirmation is obtained from Saathi Round Table Gurukul School that no fees are charged to the students covered by this program and that all facilities are provided to them free of cost. An oral confirmation in this respect is also obtained from the parents of the respective students during the personal meetings with them.

Donation Option Break-up cost in INR
School fees towards tuition, books, school supplies, uniforms and shoes 5000.00
Unit Price 5000
Total 5000
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Dulari Natam
Dulaari Netaam who is approximately 14-15 years old today, was a shy and diffident 8 or 9 year old when she joined Imlee Mahuaa School six years ago having dropped out of class 3 of the Government Primary School in Kondagaon village, Kondagaon District, Chhattisgarh 494 226. At that time she was a shy child who could recognize only a few letters of the Devanagari (Hindi) script and the English alphabet. She needed a lot of coaxing to answer simple questions broke into tears when she thought she had made an error in the expectation of a reprimand from her teachers.
Dulari took almost four years to believe that the new school that she had entered was where she could really commit as many mistakes as were necessary to learn, that she need not fear reprimand or any punishment for such mistakes and where she enjoyed the freedom to take full charge of her learning. During this period and to date, the School continually instilled confidence in Dulari and all her schoolmates that the School was a place where they could explore and stumble freely without the fear of inviting judgmental or penal consequences and where taking responsibility for one’s learning went hand in hand with such freedom.
During the last six years that Dulari has spent in Imlee Mahuaa, she has transformed herself from a diffident and fearful little child to a confident adolescent who while dealing with the difficult challenges of adolescence has immersed herself in every aspect of the school’s program and has for the moment decided to explore teaching as a future career. In October 2013, during a class meeting Dulari expressed her wish to try her hand at teaching the youngest children (3 and 4 year olds) in the School. Since then she has been enjoying teaching them English for two hours every week.

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